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Arthur Boyd

Australian artist (1920 – 1999)

Artist Arthur Boyd worked with me between 1994 and 1998. Together we created more than 14 colloblock prints of the Australian landscape. This includes the Bride Series.

Some of these prints are still available here, in our gallery shop. As there are few available, these have more than doubled in value over the past few years.

About the Australian landscape suite

Arthur’s landscape suite explores the Shoalhaven River in New South Wales, where he and his family lived. The prints weave together the breathtaking beauty of the land with the mysterious mythology of his earlier Bride Series (1994 - 1996). It is a rich tapestry of brilliant colour and light.

During our collaboration, Arthur said:

”The work is half yours and half mine.” He told me to place my master printmaker chop (the printmaker’s embossed mark) next to his own signature.

Arthur Boyd’s passion

Arthur Boyd’s driving passion was to create a space for Australian art within the wider art world. In his Bride Series, this quiet, sensitive man brought to international attention the plight of the Australian Aboriginals.