Craig Waddell

Australian artist (b. 1973) 

Craig Waddell is an emerging artist. His works have been well received universally with sell out shows. Craig bases his landscapes on the farm where he grew up. These are not realistic or literal images. Waddell says:

“They are more like faded memories, triggered by the childhood objects that I find while fossicking around the farm.”

The artist’s major oil painting, Morning Glory, was a finalist in the 2005 Wynne prize for landscape painting at the Art Gallery of NSW. As a result I worked with Craig to create a magnificent colloblock print of the same title, released in August 2005. It is available here in our gallery shop.

This print was sensitively developed with exquisite colour and layering. It has a meditative attention to the land. 

Reinvigorating the art of Australian landscape 

Landscape painting has long dominated the history of Australian art. Craig Waddell is part of a new generation of artists reinventing and reinvigorating the subject.