Dimitri Lihachov

Dimitri Lihachov

Australian artist (b.1964)

Master printmaker, Paul Smith:

Dimitri Lihachov is a painter of extraordinary talent. He studied traditional techniques of fresco and egg tempera with some of the world’s finest Byzantine Iconographers in New York and Jerusalem.

Recently his practice has evolved to include aspects of contemporary and traditional styles that is expressive and fluid, underpinned by a formal figurative structure.

Dimitri Lihachov has been working with me for about 7 years. Dimitri’s skill is in mixing colour. He has an uncanny understanding of the subtleties of hue and tone.

Together we have created this triptych of three island dancers. Dimitri went down to our local hall where the children of Scotland Island learn ballet from Mrs Engeler (an 87 year old ballet teacher). He did numerous water colour sketches which have been the inspiration for this beautiful suite of images.

Transparency, light and movement translated

During our collaboration, Dimitri said:

”the looseness of the colloblock technique allowed me to have fun with the playfulness of colour and expression.”