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Euan Macleod

Australian artist (b. 1956) 

I worked with artist Euan Macleod on several colloblock prints from 2005 to 2007. Euan’s subjects are monumental male figures interacting with the landscape. The figures identity is blurred, anonymous and mysterious due to dripped paint. 

Dripped paint technique

Euan Macleod pours and drips the acrylic binder onto the surface of the print plates. This is how the artist gets a spontaneous and gestural mark. 

Words of the artist

Euan Macleod told Melinda Ham of the Sydney Morning Herald:

“I have worked with other printmakers, but the difference is that Paul pushes printing techniques to their limits to create an exciting artwork in its own right. When I’m working with Paul, I’m being led by my subconscious, it’s a process of surprise, chance and risk. Paul manages to visualise how to separate each colour into its own plate.”