Jasper Knight

Australian artist (b. 1978)

Artist Jasper Knight and I have collaborated on several print editions. When we first met in 2007 we realized we had mutual friends. He was already familiar with Scotland Island and the Pittwater, where I have my studio. We both share an affinity for water and waterways - the subject of the prints available here in our gallery shop.

Jasper’s art easily translates into a relief, colloblock print

Jasper’s art questions the boundary between high art and commercial posters. The artist also blurs the boundary between sculpture and painting. These qualities in his art translate well into colloblock prints, a type of collograph.

Jasper constructs his art from plywood, perspex, cardboard boxes, old signs, and found plastic tiles and sheets. The textured surfaces of the colloblock plate convey this beautifully.

Texture and the brilliant colours available in my colloblock printing technique resulted in these new works of art. The prints take on a life and history of their own.

Words of the artist

“My work has always straddled painting and the constructed object. In the past, my materials have added to the narrative content, or sometimes to the context, of the depicted scenes. My recent work has explored this relationship between material and subject, between constructed object and painted surface, in a more abstract way.

The subject matter, from wharves to cars, from chairs to landscape, helps explore these binary concerns and is treated in a highly architectural and linear way.”

Jasper Knight