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Martine Emdur

Australian artist (b. 1968)

Martine Emdur is a Sydney based artist. She is part of a new movement of artists who represent the landscape without referring to traditional Australian clichés.

Martine’s art is often about the magnificent Sydney Harbour and its sublime coastline. She paints landscapes from a macro and micro vision.

In 2004 I collaborated with Martine. We created these 2 magnificent colloblock prints. These works explore water: the flow and patterns, the light reflecting and refracting through it. Her beautifully rendered images of our coastline have rapidly built a large and enthusiastic following 

Words of the artist 

“It’s just water. No peripherals. I've spent a really long time trying to learn about how it all flows and how to paint it. The patterns. The flow, the light going through it. The circles of light in the water.”