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Paul Smith

Australian artist, founder of eStudio Editions (b. 1955) 

 As an artist and master printmaker, I have created many of my own prints. The environment that surrounds me inspires one series, Pittwater.

My studio is waterside on Scotland Island, Pittwater, in Australia. In the prints the subtle depths of the water reflects a kaleidoscope of the world around us. In a single glance, water absorbs a multiple of planes, light and colour. It is a constant source of information. 

More recently my beginnings in Fiji have inspired me. The importance of symbols is paramount to the life of these artworks. I have developed a suite of prints called Skins, based on shirts and fabrics with traditional island patterns. These patterns are reminiscent of the undulations in landscapes.

Colloblock print - Samoan Skin

I created this luxurious colloblock print in 2009. It was inspired by my trip to Samoa in 2008 to see the Pacific Arts Festival. Whilst there I was enchanted with the people and their traditional ways. I created this print as homage to the depth of their spirituality contained within every aspect of their lives. 

This print was taken from a piece of fabric based on the ceremonial tattoos. It is in no way a copy of traditional and highly spiritual designs.

As I was born and raised in Fiji I feel a strong bond with my fellow Pacific Islanders. My Samoan Skin print won the prestigious Muswellbrook Works on Paper Award in 2009.

See my video: Making a colloblock print: Samoan Skin
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