Master printmaker, Paul Smith's workshop. Inks, rollers, palette knife. Artist David van Nunen prepares a colour chart for the printmaking process.

Paul Smith 

Contributions and history 

Over the past 25 years I have created limited edition prints of top contemporary artists. I have also printed my own works, such as the award winning print Samoan Skin.

As a printmaker, I have worked with the likes of Arthur Boyd, Jasper Knight, Tim Storrier and Adam Cullen. These artists’ prints are available in my online gallery shop.

Bringing a new printmaking technique to the art world

I developed a unique printmaking process I call colloblock. Essentially, it is a cross between woodblock and collograph printing methods. For the artist, colloblocks mean handcrafted prints of rich, painterly qualities – extraordinary individual art works.

I see these prints as homage to the paintings that inspired them.

Read more about my printmaking technique
Watch the video: Making a colloblock print: Samoan Skin

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Pacific Island influence

The hot, tropical colours of the Pacific Islands strongly influence my art. Born in Suva, Fiji, I still identify with the land, people and culture.

My life on Fiji dates back 4 generations. In fact, my ancestors were among the first British to settle. They embedded themselves in Fijian society. My great grandfather helped set up the islands’ first postal system. His grandfather worked for the major department store Morris Hedstroms. My father was Treasurer of the Fijian government before independence.

In 1970, after independence, my family left for Australia. I was 14. Missing my friends and the home I knew, my mother gave me a book on drawing to keep me occupied. Art became my passion.

Printmaking techniques learned from New York artists

From 1979 - 1984, I worked as a technician at the Sydney College of the Arts. I learned techniques practiced in New York from American artist in residence, Roberto Delamonica.

I went on to teach the art of printmaking. In 1983 I started the Warringah Print Workshop. It is still a vibrant art learning centre, now called the Warringah Printmakers Studio.

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Setting up the Scotland Island studio

At about the same time, my wife, artist Tracy Smith, and I set up studios on Scotland Island, near Sydney. The physical beauty and tranquility of the area deeply affected us. It is inspiration for much of our art.

Scotland Island is the hub of my printmaking work and my collaboration with artists. Over the years I have produced over 90 editions of handcrafted, collograph-type works.

Today I represent these artistic partnerships in the online gallery shop. Selling direct from the studio allows me to give greater financial support to the artists themselves.

Direct from the studio also allows me to connect directly with my print buyers. I am in touch with buyers and investors by email and phone. I am happy to answer questions and provide information about a print and its creation process.

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