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Purchasing a limited edition print

What does the term limited edition print mean?

A limited edition print means there is a limited number of any one print created. It is created in a single run, usually the number of prints from this run is less than 100.

The printmaker destroys the plates used to create the print. There cannot be a second run. This increases the print’s value.

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How much of your printmaking is photographic or mechanical?

My printmaking process is hand crafted: hand carved, hand painted and hand printed.

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Tell me how you and the artist create a print in the studio?

I have developed a new technique called colloblock printing. Colloblock is a combination of woodblock and collograph printing techniques.

I take the artist’s image and trace it by hand, separating the colours without the use of computers or photographic means. The print plate is then hand carved using wood carving tools made by a specialist in Japan.

I grind my own pigments into ink. Working with the artist, we mix all the colours for the image. There can be up to 80 colours in each print. We work in stages: from lightest colours to darkest, creating subtle tones and overlapping transparent inks.

Our printing press is a hand driven Charles Brandt press imported from New York.

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Watch the video: Making a colloblock print: Samoan Skin

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What is the difference between a printer, printmaker and master printmaker?

Printers do commercial runs of prints. These are unlimited in number and use high tech machinery and photographic means. Printmakers are artists who make prints of their own works of art.

A master printmaker is a highly skilled craftsman who assists and collaborates with an artist to produce a limited edition print.

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Why should I buy a print from eStudio Editions?

3 key reasons why you may wish to buy from my studio:

  • Buying direct from the studio allows me to give greater financial support to the artist. I do not need to engage a third party.
  • You buy from the source of creation, where the artist and I, master printmaker, collaborated and handcrafted your work of art. I pass on the story of the print to you. Understanding the context and process is of great value for the buyer or investor.
  • Buyers can email or talk to me directly about the print and printmaking process. I have an open, friendly approach to art sales.

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Why should I invest in limited edition prints?

Here are 4 reasons for investing in limited edition prints.

  1. Support Australian artists

    Australia has an energetic and vital history of art. This includes traditional to contemporary art, and emerging to established artists.

    I have worked with many established and emerging artists over the years. Some artists were relatively unknown when we printed together. They have since built their careers and status in the art world, here in Australia and overseas. Many of the editions have sold out which has increased their value.

  2. Potential capital appreciation

    Between 1993 and 2008, the art market expanded at a rate of 12.6%, compounded annually. On average, the art we review has grown at 20.7% per annum.

  3. Diversification of investments

    Investing in alternative assets such as art as part of an investment portfolio can reduce exposure to risk associated with a single asset class. You can diversify assets with the purchase of limited edition prints in a SMSF or Self Managed Super Fund. We recommend that you ask your accountant about the special conditions required for this kind of asset.

  4. Build an inheritance for your family

    Collecting key pieces to leave to your children is a valuable and lasting gesture. Limited edition prints are more easily stored than framed works.

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Where can I learn more about the art market?

I recommend that you go to galleries and read art magazines regularly to understand the art market.

I find the following websites offer a wealth of information on art market sales, trends and reports. You may need to sign up for the service of some. The state galleries’ sites are free and provide excellent information on the artists I have printed with.

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How should I prepare for buying a print?

I have included a print size and paper size for each print in the gallery shop. The paper size is larger, so it is a good idea to check these dimensions before you purchase. You might create the paper's dimensions from paper and try placing it on the wall. Keep in mind framing means an additional few centimetres.

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How can I buy an eStudio Editions print?

It is easy. You can buy on this website from the secure online gallery shop.

Alternatively, call or email. I will answer any questions and help you with the purchase over the phone.

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Is buying a print on your website safe?

It is a safe system. This website uses a credit card processing system that meets all online security standards.

I do not hold credit card numbers on this website. Your card information is encrypted and transferred immediately for processing.

See eStudio Editions' privacy and security policy

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Are there any additional fees or costs?


There are no additional fees or costs. I deliver your print to your door free of charge. When you buy your print, your package includes:

  • All handling, packaging and shipping insurance costs
  • Delivery to your door
  • Handling and care instructions, including cotton gloves so you do not accidentally mark your print
  • The story of your print: the artist and printmaking process
  • A certificate of authenticity

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